Controls are not responsive at all. I can't jump properly, and even navigating the menus is difficult.
Try disabling any other controllers connected to your console or computer. Sometimes a semi-faulty second controller can interfere with the primary one.

I'm playing on console, and I'm experiencing input lag, I keep on missing platforms and other jumps.
Make sure your TV is in "Game" or "Low Input Lag" mode. Input lag in the game should be low, in the 30-65 millisecond range.

When using the controller, I find it hard to aim with the right stick while jumping, swimming or dashing, what should I do?
Make sure you keep holding your fire button, as long as you do that, the aim will be locked, and your right thumb will be free to press the jump, swim or dash buttons.

Steam Clound doesn't work. What should I do?
Steam Cloud expects the game save files to be in the %USERPROFILE%\Documents\The Mobius Machine folder.
Sometimes One Drive might move your documents folder somwhere else, make sure your documents folder is in the above location if you want to use Steam Cloud synchhronization.


What platforms is game available on?
Steam, PS5, Xbox Series X|S.

Will you make a Nintendo Switch version
It's unlikely, since we are using very detailed assets and lighting, we would have to redo the art and rewrite the code for the game.

Will you make a MAC version
Probably. As soon as we have some time we will look into this.

Why did you make this game instead of Planetbase 2, Dawn of Man 2 or any other city builder?
We love city builders and we don't discount making another one in the future, but at this moment we decided to try a new type of challenge.


How long is the game?
Probably around 15 hours for a new average player, but it will depend on player skill and level of familiarity with Metroidvania/Action games.

Do I need a Gamepad to play the game on PC?
No, the game can be played with Mouse+Keyboard as well.

Does the game work on Steam Deck?
Yes, the game works great on the Steam Deck.

What are the recommended quality settings for the Steam Deck?
Medium. The game will detect you are running on the Steam Deck and set the quality settings accordingly. We recommend that you don't change them.

What Gamepads are supported on PC?
We are providing official support for Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS5, PS4 and Switch Pro gamepads. Other gamepads might also work.

Is there a death run back mechanic in the game?
In standard mode yes, you have to go back to where you died to recover your lost scrap. However if you die again, you don't loose anything permanently, you can recover your lost scrap whenever you want.