When will the game be released?
March 1, 2024.

How much will the game cost?
About the same as other Madruga Works games.

What platforms will the game be available on?
Windows PC, PS5, Xbox Series S|X and probably also o MAC.

Will the game be Early Access?
No. The game will release as a full title, but we will provide free updates for a while after launch.

Why did you make this game instead of Planetbase 2, Dawn of Man 2 or any other city builder?
We love city builders and we don't discount making another one in the future, but at this moment we decided to try a new type of challenge.


How long is the game?
Probably around 15 hours for a new average player, but it will depend on player skill and level of familiarity with Metroidvania/Action games.

Do I need a Gamepad to play the game on PC?
No, the game can be played with Mouse+Keyboard as well.

What Gamepads are supported on PC?
We are providing official support for Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS5, PS4 and Switch Pro gamepads. Other gamepads might also work.