The Mobius Machine is a classic 2D adventure game with detailed 3D visuals.

Explore an open interconnected world filled with brutal alien lifeforms and malfunctioning machines. Find your way through abandoned facilities and perilous environments, on the surface and in the depths of this world.

Explore Seamlessly

Choose your own path. Explore a complex open world, discovering it in your own way.
Traverse the disctinct areas in a seamless manner, with no loading screens between them.


Combat an array of deadly adversaries: the local fauna, infected colonists, and abandoned machines that once worked in the facilities.

Shoot Anywhere

Designed for both Gamepad or Mouse and Keyboard controls. Run and jump around while shooting in any direction using a tight control system.
You can have 2 weapons equiped at any time, and use them as you need.


Acquire the gear that will make you more mobile and unlock new areas. Climb walls, dash, dive underwater, glide through the air and evolve the way you interact with the world.

Upgrade your arsenal

Collect blueprints and craft new weapons and upgrades in order to fight more effectively.