The game freezes or crashes at startup. How can I fix this?
Please try the following:
- Restart your computer.
- Reinstall the game.
- Run the game in administrator mode.
- Update your video card drivers.
- Disable your Antivirus.
- Uninstall Citrix receiver.
- Delete the DawnOfMan folder here: Documents/DawnOfMan.
- Launch the game in windowed mode using the "-screen-fullscreen 0" command line argument (without the quotes).
- Try the Steam troubleshooting suggestions.
- Disable the Steam Overlay, see here.
- If none of these work please let us know in our bug forum, please post as much info about your system as you can.

The game crashes randomly, what should I do?
Please try the following:
- Update your video card drivers.
- Check that your Anti Virus is not causing issues. Bitdefender in particular is known to cause crashes with the game.

I'm using Bitdefender (or another antivirus), and the game crashes when overwriting a save. What can I do?
Add Dawn of Man to the ransomware exceptions in the Bitdefender settings (note this is not the same as whitelisting the game).

When I try to save game, I'm getting error: Could not save game: Access to the path is denied
Please try the following:
- Restart your computer.
- Check that your Antivirus is not blocking the files.

I have no audio in the game
Update your audio chip drivers.
- If you have a RealTek HD Audio chip, the drivers are here.
- For other manufacturers please check their websites.
- If you don't know the manufacturer you can find out in the windows "Device Manager" under "Sound, video and game controllers".

I have a good machine but the game is running very slow, what could be the problem?
Check that your Antivirus is not slowing down the game.

I'm running OSX Catalina and I'm getting some strange graphic glitches
This seems to affect a few Unity games, a workaround for the problem seems to be:
- Search for the executable file.
- Select "Show info".
- Tick the box "Start in low resolution".

I've replaced my computer and I want to keep my game progress, what can I do?
Just copy the saves over from the Documents/DawnOfMan folder.


Are you going to keep working of the game after release?
Yes, for a while, expect the same level of support as with Planetbase.

What time period is the game set in?
The game starts about 12,000 years ago, in the Stone Age, and ends at the end of the Iron Age, about 2,000 years ago.

Is there any co-op? or multiplayer?
Not in our plans, Dawn of Man will be single player only.

Will there be any paid DLC?
No. All updates will be free.

What is the end game like?
There are two types of scenarios:
* Freeplay scenarios, where you play the whole game unlocking the different milestones.
* Custom scenarios, where you have to achieve a particular goal.

Why are the megaliths pulled by people and not animals?
As far as we know this is how it was done, probably because people are easier to coordinate.

Are there AI controller settlements in the game?
No. But you get Raider attacks from time to time.

Can I run the game in windowed mode?
Yes, just press alt+enter or use the "-screen-fullscreen 0" command line argument (without the quotes).


How can I auto slaughter animals?
Set limits for domestic animals in the Limits Panel (F4).

How do I man the towers?
Trigger an alert using the Defense panel (F6). This can be pinned to the UI to be always visible.

How do I return to the town?
Press the return key.

Why to I keep getting the not enough warm clothes warning?
Only skins and wool clothes are warm. Also note that the current number of clothes also includes the ones being worn by people.

Can you drive a species extinct by hunting them?
No. Every spring new animals will migrate back to the map. Some species will however will go extinct when you reach certain eras, and new ones will appear.

Why is the tanner not producing any leather if I have plenty of skins?
Leather needs both raw skins (not dried), and tannin, make sure to have both.

Why is morale low?
Because of deaths, carrying heavy loads or boring (farming) jobs. Make more morale recovering structures or craft beer.

How can I select a group of people with hunting weapons?
Hold H and drag select.

Is there a population cap?
In the official scenarios, birth and migration rates will decline at some point, so it is quite hard to go much over 200, but this can be changed in workshop scenarios.

Are tools made of copper better than the ones made out of flint?
No. Flint, copper and bone tools are all equally effective. Bronze and iron tools are also equivalent, but iron is a lot easier to find.

My people are not doing the tasks I expect them to do, why?
They are probably overworked, make sure workload is always around 100%, you can see your current workload level in the tasks panel.

I've completed all 10 milestones, but Completion and Ultimate Completion achievements are not triggering, why?
You need all milestones in all scenarios, 30 in total.

My villagers are not doing their tasks, is the AI broken?
You might have found a bug, but it is unlikely, please check the following:
- You have the right resources.
- You have the right tools (especially, do you have enough sickles for farming?).
- Your workload is at reasonable levels (about 100%).
- You are under the resource limit.

What is the main purpose of each domestic animal?
Goats: Produce milk
Sheep: Produce wool
Pigs: Produce meat
Cattle: Produce more milk
Donkeys: Pull stuff
Horses: Pull stuff

Do trees regrow?

Do sticks respawn?